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wedding flowers

wedding flowers


Designs from the Heart

Wedding day... YOUR wedding day!

Excitement and anticipation of once-in-a lifetime memories fill the heart. Make lasting memories with bridal flowers designed especially for you. Choose from an array of floral fashion styles. Design your bouquet from traditional to extraordinary, in classic white to striking color harmonies. Make your selection of bridal flowers as individual and unique as the bride you are.

dog collar

Creative Decorating Options:

  • Herb favors
  • Potted annuals & patio pots
  • Hair pieces
  • Ring bearer pillow
  • Dog collars
  • Floating floral pieces
  • Door wreaths
  • Bows/ribbons in varieties & styles
  • Foliage plants for accent.

Bouquet Choices

Styles include:
Cascade - An arrangement that is round, with slightly cascading flowers.
Hand-tied- A mixture of flowers arranged to look as if they were picked from the garden.
Colonial- Flowers arranged in a round form.
Hand-held- A mixture of flowers arranged to look as if they were picked from the garden.
Nosegay- A small version of a colonial bouquet.
Crescent- Flowers arranged in a half moon.
Arm Bouquets- A mixture of flowers that are arranged to lie in the arms.

Designs themes include Traditional, Victorian, Contemporary, and European.
bouquet choices

Meet the Designer

Anne Amels the lead floral designer has a degree in floriculture and over 19 years experience. Anne is very qualified to assist you with professional advice, on choosing flower varieties and incorporating them into a decorating theme for your special day. Anne loves to listen to your creative ideas and incorporate them to make your wedding unique.


Rental Items include:
  • Brass arch
  • Brass aisle runner puller
  • Brass candelabras
  • Brass unity candle
  • Kneeling bench
  • Aisle candles

Field Grown Cut Flowers by Farmside

Field grown cut flowers have been increased in popularity in recent years. Many brides are looking for the hand picked garden look. Farmside Florist has varieties of plants and herbs that produce foliage and vibrant color flowers suitable for bouquets and floral arrangements. Now we can achieve the garden look at weddings with our own "Farmside Fresh". They will create a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime.
field fresh flowers
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